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Legal Guard

This is a very affordable plan that is aimed at guarding youths, couples, families and businesses against any form of injustice, promote fairness and honesty in a democratic society. We offer comprehensive legal aid plan that will give our members the legal power to enforce and defends their rights through professional legal representation.


What is Legal Guard?


Legal Guard can be compared to a medical aid in two important ways.


1. Protection From Loss in the Event of Legal Situations. Just as a medical cover doctor's fees when you have a health issue, legal aid covers attorney's fees when you have a legal issue. It is like having a lawyer on a retainer.


2. Protection From the Occurrence of Legal Situations.  A legal aid plan helps you gain maintain your "legal health" thus preventing future legal problems by offering cover for legal "preventive maintenance" services e.g. preparation of wills, general legal advice, financial power of attorney, name change etc


Why is this Important?


Life is becoming increasingly complicated and expensive. If you have dependents and/or assets, you have legal exposure - whether you are addressing it or not. Acacia Zambia gives you and your family easy access to a network of professional attorneys at an affordable premium. Why not give yourself peace of mind to know you are protected? Enjoy legal advice and services any following cases:


■  Labour related problems e.g. unfair dismissal

■  Divorce matrimonial dispute

■  Personal injury claim

■  Criminal charge and much more


Does it cover business men and women?


This package will also covers the entrepreneur's business related legal issues such as drafting of labour and business contracts, debt collection as well as general litigation involving their business.

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